Almost all our premises have mechanical ventilation through the buildings central ventilation system. Heating is distributed through a hot water system with radiators throughout the building. In your premises you also have chilled beams and/or fan coils cooling the air sent to your office. All our heating and cooling is delivered through district heating and district cooling.

Genrerally, these systems are very stable and reliable but sometimes a pump may break or a valve might jam. In order for us to provide you with a comfortable in-door climate, it is crucial that you contact us should you experience the ventilation or heating is not working properly.

A slight variation of the in-door temperature during the day is normal and depends on the system load rising rapidly when the building is filled with people and computers and lighting is switched on in the morning. For the same reason the system also needs some time to adjust when the outdoor temperature changes. Rapid changes back and forth in outside temperature create difficulties for the systems.

It’s our absolute ambition to deliver satisfying in-door climate to everyone in your office. However, it’s inevitably easier to meet everyone’s needs in a room solution than in an open space environment where the systems are set to fit as many as possible. It is also important to remember that the air supply and cooling in your office is set to a fixed number of people and computers etc. This is also included as a part of your lease contract with us.